Mobile Time Pickers

Mobile UX is changing fairly rapidly, and it’s an exciting field to watch (well, if you’re into that sort of thing; if not, you may want to skip out on this post). Many UI elements of PDAs and cell phones were based on traditional computer UI because the devices often had limited ability to navigate, those that had resistive touchscreens weren’t particularly responsive or accurate, and most design is iterative.

When Apple popularized capacitive touchscreens with the iPhone, they decided to lean heavily on skeuomorphism. People were interacting with something new in strange new ways, and Apple likely believed that relying on existing things from the real world meant that people could more quickly adapt. “Oh, this is a switch, I get it.” Plus, the visuals were more intriguing than anything people had been seeing on most other devices at the time. Continue reading

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What Is User Experience?

I am very passionate about good user experience (UX), but one of the biggest challenges with UX is explaining what it even means. Development is easy enough to understand as it’s simply how the app is built. Graphical design/user interface (UI) is mostly how it looks. Quality assurance (QA) is about making sure it works the way it’s supposed to. User experience, though, is a combination of all of these and more. It’s about understanding the user’s expectations, clearing out the pain points, and giving a sense of satisfaction. Most development teams have very little focus on UX either expecting the designer to handle it or thinking that features and functionality are all that’s needed.

It’s a little bit easier to understand the value of user experience by taking a simple example, such as a series of light switches, and breaking down who is responsible for what. The designer wants to make sure the switches look good. Do they blend in enough or stand out too much? Does the shape match the surroundings whether harsh or smooth, traditional or contemporary? Are they properly spaced, aligned, and balanced? Continue reading

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Android User Interface Design Available

I’m very excited to announce that my book Android User Interface Design: Turning Ideas and Sketches into Beautifully Designed Apps is now available. You should be able to get it from your local bookstore, but you can also order it online from Amazon and other sites. The book is intended for developers who already have some experience with Android, but it can also be useful to designers, project managers, and anyone else involved with an Android app. It’s also in color so the images look great and the code is much easier to follow.

Part One: The Basics of Android User Interface
This first section consists of four chapters about the basics of Android user interface, starting with the evolution of Android design and going into views, fragments, and resources. If you’re an experienced Android developer, some of this will be review, but you’re probably likely to discover new info as well. From visual examples of the different scale types to explanations of each of the existing Android Drawables, these chapters will ensure you understand all the core building blocks of an Android interface. Continue reading

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The Negative Impact Of iOS On Android

I’m a big proponent of competition among corporations because I believe the consumer ultimately benefits. That means that, although I’m a major fan of Android, I want to see iOS really innovate and I want to see another mobile OS gain traction. Early on, iOS did a lot to push mobile devices forward and helped set bars in a lot of areas for other platforms to meet. Unfortunately, iOS has not changed much lately and in some ways hurts Android when used as the “golden standard” due to its limitations. A lot of the harm isn’t realized by consumers, but Android developers encounter it constantly when something has to be done “the iOS way” or an Android feature is not even considered because iOS cannot do the same. Continue reading

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UX: Mobile Shouldn’t Mean Disconnected

Some of the biggest challenges in developing a mobile app revolve around reliance on the internet. Effectively handling network reliability issues is a vital part of creating a pleasing user experience. How does your app handle no network connection? How does your app handle a slow network connection? And how does your app handle an unreliable network connection? Continue reading

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