Unpublishing the Predator Clock Widget

A bit over nine years ago, I published an app called Predator Clock Widget to Google Play (then, Android Market). I was working for a small startup at the time and a client had an interest in adding a widget to their app. I figured the best way to learn about how to make Android widgets was to actually make one in my spare time, so I looked around on some forums for ideas people were interested in and came across a request for a clock widget in the Predator style. It sounded good to me, so I built it out.

I expected a dozen or so installs, but it slowly racked up the downloads a bit shy of one million when I unpublished it. I decided to unpublish it because I get some emails asking for support or features and the best I can do is reply that I don’t have the time (or interest) in working on the app anymore. Honestly, it’s surprising that any people had interest in it in the first place and pretty impressive that an app that ancient could still work despite how poorly coded it was.

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HTTPS Enabled

Just a quick note that I’ve enabled HTTPS for the blog, so existing HTTP links should redirect to HTTPS. I used Let’s Encrypt and am really happy with the experience, so I’ve donated to them and recommend you give them a try.

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Sharing Career Thoughts

Something I’ve been reflecting on recently is what I know now compared to when I started my career. It’s easy to lose sight of how little I knew then (not to mention how far I have yet to go). When I first started working, I really wish that I had known what to look for and what to expect.

I’ve been fortunate in life to have had the opportunity to work with many kinds of people in a variety of occupations. My first job at 15 was working as a busser in a local restaurant. A month out of high school and I was in the Air Force, where I learned tactical satellite communications. Since then, I’ve done a teaching internship at a public school, I’ve worked at a poorly funded startup and a well funded one, I’ve experimented in an innovation labs-type environment, and I am now working at a tech company that has an Android team larger than the entire first startup I worked at.

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Building Another New Computer

In September, I built a new computer to replace the computer I had built at the beginning of 2010. The previous computer served me well and, over the course of those six-plus years, I upgraded the hard drive to an SSD, swapped the video card out for a GeForce GTX 670, and replaced a few other minor parts. Despite that the computer was holding up well, I had started to feel its age due to the increased amount of video editing I was doing. I finally decided it was time to build a new machine.

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The Magic Mouse

When I started my new job about two months ago, a MacBook Pro was waiting for me along with an extra monitor, mouse, and keyboard. The mouse was an Apple Magic Mouse 2, which I was curious to try. Apple has had a different mouse every few years and they’ve largely been terrible, feeling little improved since the Apple Lisa mouse. They went from one button to no buttons with the Magic Mouse, and I was interested to see how it worked in practice.

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