A bit over nine years ago, I published an app called Predator Clock Widget to Google Play (then, Android Market). I was working for a small startup at the time and a client had an interest in adding a widget to their app. I figured the best way to learn about how to make Android widgets was to actually make one in my spare time, so I looked around on some forums for ideas people were interested in and came across a request for a clock widget in the Predator style. It sounded good to me, so I built it out.

I expected a dozen or so installs, but it slowly racked up the downloads a bit shy of one million when I unpublished it. I decided to unpublish it because I get some emails asking for support or features and the best I can do is reply that I don’t have the time (or interest) in working on the app anymore. Honestly, it’s surprising that any people had interest in it in the first place and pretty impressive that an app that ancient could still work despite how poorly coded it was.